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Hypnosis has been largely misunderstood for decades as a way of controlling a person's mind in order to achieve a specific result. This couldn't be further from the truth which is why we use hypnosis as simply a complimentary tool for Holistic Hypnotherapy. Let us explain.


What is hypnosis?


The term hypnosis refers to a state of being that is calm, relaxed with a focused state of awareness. It is not a sleeping state but instead is akin to what is commonly known as the meditative state. It can be used to access the sub-conscious part of our minds, where our understanding of who we are and how we act exists. Contrary to popular belief, you can not be hypnotised if you don't wish to be. It's that simple. Further to this, in the same you can't be hypnotised if you don't wish to be, you can't be "told" to do anything you don't wish to do which is why hypnosis on it's own has seen varying results over the decades. It's limitations have seen it used more as a complimentary tool by respected hypnotherapists who seek to help people create real and lasting change.


Limitations of Hypnosis


While hypnosis is commonly used to help people with issues such as anxiety, low confidence, depression, addictions, stress, phobias through a traditional re-programming method known as "suggestion therapy", it's success rate on it's own has become more and more recognised as limited and variable in many respects. And because hypnosis is not in any way a source of mind control, hypnosis can not be used to help someone change without their permission and their desire to change and so, re-programming has become a problematic means to help someone overcome complex issues such as addiction, post traumatic anxiety, stress and anxiety, grief and loss, confidence, depression, weight loss that require a deeper understanding of why they exist, their root cause, before any change can begin to occur. This is where hypnotherapy has been developed and where Holistic Hypnotherapy has further evolved into an effective therapy.


Why Holistic Hypnotherapy is so effective


Holistic Hypnotherapy has further developed traditional hypnotherapy over the years to create the most effective and resourceful form of therapy for issues such as anxiety, stress and relaxation, depression, low confidence allowing real and lasting change to be experienced after just a few sessions. Hypnosis is simply used as a base for a more holistic approach to therapy that can bring about positive and lasting change in conditions that could normally take years of counselling or psychotherapy. Through finding the root cause behind a given issue, change can be created at a core, fundamental level that allows for positive and lasting change.


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