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A Typical Hypnotherapy Session

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 When we first meet with you, we will discuss the background of the issue you'd like to focus on in depth, explain to you how we will be working together and where we will begin the session.


We will then take you through a short process that will introduce you to what the hypnosis or meditative experience is like. We've found that by doing this it allows you to be more informed and comfortable with what the experience will be like before we move into the session. It also gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have and for us to check in and ensure you are comfortable with everything.


The hypnotherapy experience is almost impossible to describe adequately which is a large part of the reason why many people are nervous when coming for their first session. Don't worry, we've all been there including Sharon and myself, and it is completely natural to feel nervous with an experience that is simply unknown until you experience it for yourself. Once you have experienced it however, you will clearly understand what is meant when we use the term hypnotherapy or hypnosis and how gentle and comfortable the experience is along with recognising how you are in control of everything in your session.



Once you have you reached a relaxed and focused state of awareness through the process we mentioned earlier, with Sharon or myself there supporting and guiding you every step of the way, you will then begin the journey inward to access and experience what is required for your specific purposes and desired outcomes for your session.


You will be asked questions along the way that will help you to understand exactly why you are facing the challenges in your life which you are now wishing to overcome, and how you can move through them and release anything that is holding you back from changing your life.



You may visit certain memories that are relevant to your particular issue in order to release emotions or gain understanding that did not occur at that time. You may engage with a part of you that ordinarily may not be experienced in your conscious waking state and yet holds an incredible wealth of understanding and wisdom that you can tap into and benefit from, bringing it back into your conscious mind's awareness. You may experience releasing thoughts, feelings and emotions that you may not have realised you had been holding onto and that had been holding you back from being who you want to be and living the life you truly want.


It is mostly common that you will come out of your session with realisations and understandings about who you are and what your life can be that will open doors that perhaps you had never realised were there. Having discovered the truth behind the challenges you have been facing, you are able to clearly see more than ever exactly how your life can change and the ways in which it can be done and the experience of those changes will soon follow.


At the end of your session, we will then discuss what came out of the session along with specific steps to take following, that will help to further integrate the changes made within the session. We will also then discuss following up with you to check in and support you along the way. We are committed to you achieving the results you are seeking and so their support after the session is seen as just as important as their support within your session.


These are just a few examples of what is possible in any holistic hypnotherapy session. It is when we begin to access the sub-conscious mind that we begin to realise the incredible potential we all hold within us to overcome challenges, move through past emotional pain and to extend our way of thinking about ourselves in such a way that we can begin to experience our lives in ways that perhaps we once thought impossible. If our lives are most often experienced from the 10% we know as our conscious mind, what more is possible when we begin to access the other 90% and bring it into our conscious awareness? What could life be like then?

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