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"What a relaxing and nurturing place! I hadn't had any Hypnotherapy before my session with Dave and I was very impressed with how he took time to explain the whole process and talked about what I wanted to achieve with the session. I felt completely comfortable and secure the entire session - Dave has a very relaxing and sincere atmosphere to him.

I highly recommend Waking Life to anyone who is thinking about trying Hypnotherapy."  -Ali Graham


We are all challenged at points throughout our lives and often the difference between people who struggle for most of their lives and people who experience things getting better, is asking for help.


At Waking Life we help people suffering with anxiety, grief, trauma, PTSD, low-confidence, low energy and motivation, nervousness, sleeping problems, drinking issues, phobias, addictions, sickness and disease, relationship issues, depression, negative thoughts, eating & body issues, stress, chronic pain, and behavioural challenges.

Working together we help people to gain a deeper understanding of why they are the way they are, release the pent up energy and emotion (which gets triggered and reacts), in order to change the things that are not working for them.


If you are wondering if we might be able to help you then contact us, as we'd love to hear from you. We offer a FREE 30 minute CONSULTATION to help you decide if this Holitic Hypnotherapy is right for you.


We help people who are going through a challenging time in their life, or suspects that something from their past is still negatively impacting them - even if they're unclear as to what that is. We all need help from time to time, and what we've found so effective about Holistic Hypnotherapy is that it works at the energy and emotion level too. What this means is that we work to help you release stuck energy and emotion from your body, which helps in times when you'd ordinarily be triggered by something in your life and experience a reaction in your body. 


Many people feel sick in their stomach, or tightness in their chest, heaviness, light-headed, nervous energy, shortness of breath that is linked to a belief about their abilities, or about themselves in the world. We help people to uncover the belief linked to the feeling, and then update the belief and release the feeling from their body. Releasing the energy and emotion whilst in an inwardly focused state, helps people to no longer experience the unhelpful feelings or symptoms in the future, as well as getting to the root cause. 

"I was fortunate enough find Waking Life and the journey experienced has been amazing, lasting and something that can't be explained but has been life changing.

I did not imagine that hypnotherapy would be a path I would explore, but I am so very pleased I did and Sharon was the perfect guide to have on my journey." -Kira B, Wellington New Zealand

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