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Hypnosis is a gentle and transformative therapy which can help children overcome their personal struggles in a quick and empowering way. Kids are very sensitive to the world around them, and they can easily pick up on our moods - whether it be anger, anxiety, stress, frustration, or sadness, and the moods/emotions of those people around them. And as well as being influenced by our moods and emotions, children of today are subject to such harsh material from an array of sources, and act almost like magnets to the heaviness and stress they witness. 


Often services such as counselling can be frustrating for a child because they might not know why they feel the way they feel, and they just want to feel better, and start feeling like a kid again. That's where hypnosis a gentle meditation therapy with Waking Life can help.


What can Hypnosis Help Children with?


Hypnosis helps children with anxiety, panic attacks, anger,

uncontrollable upsets, emotional issues, sleeping problems,

concentration challenges, low self-esteem, bed-wetting, 

negative thinking, depression, and emotional issues.

By using this gentle approach with children, they can start

feeling lighter and better from the first session. 


What Happens in a Session?


In a typical session we would broach topics

such as emotions, energy, feeling other people's

emotions, such as parents or friends, and the

way the mind works. Then they'd get comfortable and close

their eyes, for some guided meditation and hypnosis therapy.


This work is tailored for children and is kept at a gentle, positive and healing level, so as to help your child feel better as quickly as possible. Children can easily follow simple direction to connect into stored unhelpful energy / emotions in their body (such as depressed thoughts and feelings, anxiety, sickness, nerves etc) and then be guided through a process to release this energy. 


With children being involved in their own healing, they gain a deeper understanding of how their mind-body connection works, how powerful their mind is (positively or negatively geared), and how capable they really are of helping themselves. 


Parents are more than welcomed to sit in on the session, especially the first one if you are interested in the process, however children often gain the feeling of independence and a sense of empowerment when they are left free to have their own session, and then are quite keen to inform the parent all about it afterwards. 


At Waking Life, we offer FREE consultation appointments, which can be with or without your child, where we can discuss the specifics of your child's challenges, and the approach that would be taken. You would be able to freely ask any questions you  might have as we delve a little deeper into the process. 


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If you'd like to know more about how hypnosis can help your child, get in touch with us and we can discuss your situation with you and even meet for a free consultation session.






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