Hypnosis for Children


"A technique every parent should know."

At Waking Life we offer a supported training programme where we can teach any parent how to perform gentle hypnosis to help their child. 


Hypnosis for children is a process that helps kids develop a positive and confident sense of self, affirming self beliefs, and greater emotional health and resilience to cope and thrive in life. Hypnosis for kids is a drug-free and non-intrusive process taught to parents and performed while your child is asleep in the comfort of your own home. It's easy to learn and results are typically seen within 2 weeks of starting the process.


Another positive aspect of hypnosis for children is that your child never needs to come into our clinic, the process is taught to you and you do it with your child at home.

What does it help with:


Hypnosis for Children is a process which helps kids with any area they are
struggling with 
because it starts right at the core of their self-esteem.


However specifically Hypnsois helps kids with

anxiety, nervousness, social difficulties, inappropriate behaviour,
anger, frustration, sleeping problems, fears, toilet issues, health challenges,
learning difficulties, anger issues, tantrums, low-confidence,
depression, ADHD, focus challenges, argumentative, seeks attention,
communication difficulties, emotional issues, divorce of parents, and


The process starts at the foundation of a child's self-esteem, whereby we can create healthy building blocks both mentally and emotionally, to then work on specific issues your child (and family) is facing. 


Our children are impacted by how they perceive a situation, not what actually happens.


It can be the smallest of things, or it may be a big thing that we aren't aware happened. Our children's minds are so different in the way they process information, that we could not possibly provide them with only positive situations.


No matter how we raise them, they can (just like we might have) create limiting beliefs about themselves and the world, as well as hold feelings that they are not as good as others, or unloveable. We have the opportunity to help them change that, before it becomes an even bigger, more debilitating problem. 


This process positively helps the whole family.

Hypnosis for kids is a simple and effective process that helps children with learning, behavioural and social difficulties. 

The process works by building a strong foundation of self-esteem in children, and replacing any negative or limiting beliefs they may have already created in their subconscious mind. It's easy to learn and taught by the practitioner to you, to be carried out with your child. This means your child never needs to come in and see a therapist, and your appointments can all be done over the phone and fitting in with your busy schedule.


Hypnosis for Children, also known as SleepTalk or Affirmative Talk Therapy  is a proven process for parents who want a safe, positive and non-intrusive drug-free method for helping their child develop self-esteem, overcome their personal struggles,  create positive behaviour change, and to set the stage for their child to reach their full potential. 

Who can Hypnosis for Children help? 

The large answer is gentle Hypnosis is for all children. When you think about it, who wouldn't benefit from a healthy sense of self-esteem, and a feeling of being loved and loveable. Wouldn't you have loved to have grown up feeling loved, worthy and like you're capable of anything? 


With this in mind, the process is also primarily beneficial for children ages 2 - 12 years and can treat many and varied challenges that your child is experiencing. 


It is simple to learn and you'll be supported in the process. It'll be the most worthwhile gift you'll ever give, because when you think about it the greatest legacy anyone can leave their child, regardless of financial or social status, is a belief system that allows them to effectively deal with all aspects of their world.


Hypnosis for Kids allows parents to complement their existing support strategies with a process that's inexpensive, efficient and effective. And one that helps to build a child's self esteem, coping abilities and emotional foundation from which to grow and develop to their potential. 


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The Hypnosis for Kids foundation process gives your child a basic security and a feeling of well-being, a growing positive self-image and confidence, about who they are, what they can handle and achieve, and about their place in the world. 


Children have to walk their own pathway in life, and the best that we can do as parents is to give them the skills, confidence and self-esteem needed to deal with life's inevitable difficulties and challenges. Children need to be able to deal with peer pressure, sibling rivalry, insults, challenges, and hardships on their own. 


Hypnosis for Children is for every parent who wants their child to reach their full potential - whatever that potential may be. 

Most of us would agree that it's difficult for children to confidently deal with issues in their life if they are anxious, fearful, unhappy or even believe they are unloved or un-loveable.

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