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Therapeutic Meditations  by Waking Life

"These meditations are pure magic!"

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Celebrating Life - A Guided Meditation for everyday inspiration

Running Time: 17mins

Delivery: MP3 Digital Download

Price: $12.95

A powerful guided meditation helping even the busiest of minds move into a deep state of bliss.

You'll experience feelings of bliss, elation and joy as you reconnect back into your centre. 

Benefits of Celebrating Life Guided Meditation:

- increased energy

- less stress

- better mental clarity

- more motivation

- increased confidence

- improvements in health and welll-being

- increased happiness


This spoken guided meditation is crafted to beautiful music and will help you to discover the light within you once more, along with effortlessly connecting you to the grace and power of gratitude. 

Divinity - Raise Your Vibration

Running Time: 13mins

Delivery: MP3 Digital Download

Price: $7.95 NDZ


A vibration raising guided meditation, helping to elevate you from the heaviness of life and raising you up to lightness and joy. You'll finish wanting more, effortlessly gliding back into your life. 

Benefits of this meditation include:

- increased energy

- more appreciation for life

- connection to your soul energy

- more mental clarity

- increased feelings of calm and peace

- re-alignment of your energy centres

- clearing of energy and stress

- improved health

"This is an amazing meditation. The first time I listened to it was in the late summer sun and I was softly and gently transported to another world. Thank you for enabling such a beautiful experience!"

-Rachel Tester - New Zealand


Thank you for this incredible meditation! I bought it after having a horrid last few weeks and after 17 minutes of pure bliss & a little cry at the part where I rid my unwanted or needed emotions to the sea while standing on those magnificent rocks, I feel incredible again!! We forget how life's daily challenges can really throw us out of whack with our beautiful selves. Thanks for allowing me to realign my Happy :) xoxo

-Candace Bruzgulis - Australia

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"This meditation is not the norm and definitely not what I was expecting. It exceeded my expectations!!! I love the soothing gentleness of the voice and I found that it lulled me into a very deep meditative state. It felt quite hypnotic. I found it very easy to follow and listen to and was surprised that my mind chatter quickly dissolved in the first minute and didn’t return. It really is amazing. I came out of the meditation feeling absolutely wonderful, centred and rejuvenated. Recommendation for this is at the top of the Richter Scale."

- Anna Daniel - Australia


This meditation music is pure magic. I felt wonderfully relaxed, and I really connected with my spiritual Self. -Vanessa Curuthers - New Zealand


hypnosis wellington hypnotherapist

Thank you so much for this beautiful guided meditation. I have listened to recordings before but none quite like this one! Each time I use it I feel so calm, relaxed and invigorated! It is now part of my weekly routine. Thank you thank you! 

-Casey - New Zealand


I Climbed a Mountain into the Night Sky

Running Time: 32mins​  

Delivery: MP3 Digital Download, music only

Price: $14.95

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"AMAZING!!! I love it! I listen to this recording most nights for a blissful sleep! Can't wait for more from you!"

- Belinda Davis - New Zealand

I'd recommend this for anyone. Extremely relaxing - I came out of it feeling very calm and refreshed.

-Daniel - Australia


The Secret Garden

Running Time: 12 mins

Delivery: MP3 Digital Download

Price: $7.95 NDZ

A beautifully guided meditation journey to help bring feelings of peace and tranquility flowing through your body and mind.

The benefits you'll experience include:

- increased calm

- decrease stress

- improved mental clarity

- better health

- calmer emotional state

- improved concentration

- increases self-awareness

- more appreciation of life

- more energy

Therapeutic Meditation is incredibly simple to do and is specifically designed for those of us with busy schedules and even busier minds. All you need do is listen to your guide while they lead you through a deeply relaxing mindful and calming journey that takes you within.
When used consistently, Therapeutic Meditations bring about measurable positive changes in both your body and mind.
Unlike traditional meditation, Therapeutic Meditations are designed to help you accomplish specific goals, from life achievements to physical healing, to personal transformation, or deep relaxation...whatever your goal may be.
In our modern era, Therapeutic Meditation can be used in many ways, from therapeutic treatment that enhances healing, for deep relaxation, for experiencing a deeper spiritual connection, for accessing the subconscious mind or for unleashing one’s full potential.
Almost any aspect of one’s life can be improved by the use of mindfulness Therapeutic Meditation.

Over the years we have been encouraged to create our own unique therapeutic meditations and meditation music for people wishing to access that deeper part of themselves easily and naturally, just as so many people do each and every day with us. Time and time again we have worked with people that have believed that they are unable to meditate and yet they quickly find out how  easily and naturally they can be guided into a deep state of meditation in our one on one sessions.

It seems that  many believe meditation  is something that is simply out of their reach. This couldn't be further from the truth.
Meditation is just one of many vehicles designed to assist us in accessing the deeper part of ourselves, allowing us to gain insight and awareness and connect with aspects of ourselves that we perhaps have thought lost or non-existent. Anyone can connect with themselves if they wish and perhaps it is the idea that we should "try to meditate" that leads us to believe we are trying to achieve something that is outside of ourselves. What we are simply doing is going inward - into ourselves - we can all do this.

Our Unique Intuitive Guided Meditations are designed to help ANYONE to achieve that connection within. Rather than attempting to quieten the mind as most meditation practice teaches, we engage the mind in a way that allows it to work for us rather than against us, so that anyone can connect deeply within - effortlessly.

We draw upon the exact same processes we use each and every day with our clients that we know can help anyone to access that deeper part of themselves and begin journeying inward. It takes no prior knowledge, no rigorous training, no discipline or predetermined length of time, simply the want and the will to journey inward in order to learn more about yourself. These journeys encourage mindfulness and self awareness and can be joyous, healing, releasing, anything you want them to be - it is all up to you and your experience will be uniquely yours alone. You need only allow yourself the time and space to listen in order to feel, sense and experience what it is like to journey into your deeper self.
Drawing upon our background in meditation, mindfulness, hypnoenergetics hypnotherapy and energy healing, we are creating a series of meditations that uniquely draw upon our work to help anyone to explore themselves and experience the incredible benefits of connecting with their deeper selves. Sometimes we find people are simply wrestling with the common idea of what meditation is whilst they could simply be focusing on connecting with themselves. It is almost like they are reaching outwards for an idea that is supposedly about going inwards. So now we've decided to help people understand what they are really looking for and how easy that can be once you are focused in the right direction.

"Meditation is not an end point or destination. It is simply a vehicle to connect with our deeper selves" 

These intuitive guided meditations take a completely different approach to the journey inward that allows
anyone to easily and naturally access that deeper part of themselves and experience those aspects that mean the most to them and contain the greatest gifts.

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