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​Holistic Hypnotherapy is relatively new to New Zealand with Sharon and David being the first qualified and registered Holistic Hypnotherapists in the country. Holistic Hypnotherapy recognises and engages at every level -  mentally, emotionally and physically and seeks to assist in creating real and lasting change through working with identifying the cause of an issue rather than just addressing the symptoms.


Through working holistically, Sharon and David are able to help people to change their lives in profound ways, moving through any challenges they are facing, to become empowered and back in charge of their life. Their background in psychotherapy, nlp, counselling and hypnotherapy allows them a unique opportunity to connect with and assist you wherever you may be in your life's journey. This ability to work holistically enables them to help you to identify the very things that are holding you back in your life, as well as awaken the strength and willingness to overcome your challenges in the most effective way for you.


Alongside this new approach to hypnotherapy comes David and Sharon's unique approach to their practice. Their understanding of and commitment to change, has seen them develop new ways of thinking when it comes to supporting people through change. Their after session service is unparalleled as they provide support to each and every person they work with, checking in and discussing and monitoring the progress to ensure each outcome is achieved.


At Waking Life, working holistically goes above and beyond the practice of holistic hypnotherapy and into the fabric of

Waking Life itself.


                                                             How does Holistic Hypnotherapy differ from

                                                 Hypnosis and traditional Hypnotherapy?



There are two main differences between Holistic Hypnotherapy and the traditional forms of Hypnosis and traditional Hypnotherapy which we will outline below. Holistic Hypnotherapy first and foremost understands that there is a reason behind every behaviour and that in order to change a behaviour in any real way we must first understand the reason for it's existence - this then allows you to change the behaviour in the most effective and empowered way with real and tangible results that last. It is creating change through deep self awareness.


Every behaviour has a meaningful reason for being, driven by what we call a "core belief". This belief can drive a great many behaviours we develop throughout our lives which is why this approach has such a profound and positive impact. Instead of seeking to change one behaviour at a surface level, we can discover the cause behind the behaviour and subsequently create change in many areas of our life that have been affected by that cause.








Anxiety - we have many and varied forms that anxiety can take. When someone is wishing to overcome anxiety, the usual approach that traditional Hypnotherapy would take is to either work through a number of sessions ( 4-5 or more )using hypnosis to essentially plant suggestions into the sub-conscious mind that suggest a different way of being - in this case no longer feeling or experiencing anxiety. The reason why this common form of traditional hypnosis, known as "suggestion therapy", has such varying results is most simply due to this - if you have an underlying core belief that conflicts with the suggestions a hypnosis practitioner or hypnotherapist is telling you, you simply won't take those suggestions on within your sub-conscious and the behaviour will not change in any real or long term sense. It's that simple.


Contrary to popular belief, hypnosis and hypnotherapy is not mind control - a hypnosis practitioner or hypnotherapist can not tell you to behave a different way if deep down you hold a belief that does not agree with their suggestions - our beliefs are our own, there to protect us and to help us understand and define who we are in the world. No person can override them without our expressed permission at a sub-conscious level.

This is why discovering the core belief and it's reason for being is so vital to the success of any real and tangible life change. With Holistic Hypnotherapy, we move beyond the symptoms and instead locate the source of why someone is experiencing a certain behaviour, in the above case anxiety. Through identifying the root cause and the belief that is driving the behaviour ( in the case of anxiety this could be "I'm not safe in public places" or "I'm not comfortable in crowds" or "I don't feel secure at night" ) we are then not only able to change the behaviour in one area but all areas of their life where anxiety plays out, allowing them to live a life not only free of anxiety in public places as in one of the examples but free of anxiety throughout their life.



                                              Holistic Hypnotherapy for Emotional Issues





At different stages of our lives we can be challenged with situations and events that will affect us mentally and emotionally. Depending upon how we initially deal with these situations, we may find ourselves later on in our lives still being affected by them in ways that may create conflict or turmoil in our lives.


With Holistic Hypnotherapy we are able to help people to deal with situations that may have once seemed too painful to address. In a safe and supported environment, we gently help people to heal and let go of, understand and process, events in their lives that previously were thought too difficult to look at.


This is an incredibly freeing and healing experience for people as they can finally express the emotions that they had held in for so long and that had been plaguing their lives. Letting out this emotion helps them to heal both emotionally and physically whilst also gaining a greater understanding of who they are and what their lives are about.


We can sometimes hold in our thoughts, feelings and emotions to the point of physical pain and dis-ease. Through Holistic Hypnotherapy, we are able to finally release all that has been holding us back from living a life free of the pain and hurt we had once experienced with an understanding and growth in awareness that can catapult us into the future as we realise a potential we have within us that had previously laid dormant beneath the wounds of the past.











It has long been known the impact of our thoughts and emotions on our physical bodies and with the work of Dr. Bruce Lipton we have been able to now have scientific research that has examined in great detail the mechanisms by which cells receive and process information. The implications of this research radically change our understanding of life. It shows that genes and DNA do not control our biology; that instead DNA is controlled by signals from outside the cell, including the energetic messages emanating from our positive and negative thoughts.


When we hold in intense emotion within us, it can begin to impact on our physical bodies creating pain, discomfort and dis-ease. Through Holistic Hypnotherapy, we are able to work with people suffering from physical pain helping them to understand the underlying cause and working with them to release any emotions and energies that had been held within them, allowing the body to begin it's own healing process as we seek to then work through alleviating any other aspects of pain they are experiencing.


Whilst hypnotherapy that works on pain relief at a causal level is relatively unknown, the ability of holistic hypnotherapy to help treat physical issues occurring within the body in this way is astounding. Holistic hypnotherapy is one of the very first of it's kind to work with mind and body to help release what is causing the discomfort and to understand the reason for it's existence.








What is Holistic Hypnotherapy?

Holistic Hypnotherapy for Physical Pain

Holistic Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

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