How Holistic Hypnotherapy Helps Weight Loss



Weight loss isn't just about cutting back on calories. Our weight and our body image are closely tied with our self esteem and confidence levels. And when we don't feel ourselves in our own body then we hold back from expressing ourselves to the world.


When you don't feel like yourself or know that you're not living your potential, and when your health or body image are getting you down, life just isn't as much fun. We don't do the things we really want to be doing and it's easy for everything to spiral out of control, leaving us feeling more depressed.


At Waking Life we work holistically when it comes to weight loss. We help you discover the emotional element linked with your health, body image, and life. We help you to understand why you are the way you are and to discover any limiting core thoughts or memories that drive your behaviours.


Through self understanding and healing we can become the person that we know we can be.



Finding the cause of issues with weight, health and body image with hypnotherapy


With Holistic Hypnotherapy we don't just help you increase your energy, motivation and bliss-scipline (Bliss + Discipline) we help you to discover why you've made the choices you've made and what's driving those choices and behaviours.


We also help to reveal any underlying causes of your issues, such as limiting core beliefs or emotional blocks which drive your behavious and feelings.



How Holistic Hypnotherapy is successful with weight loss


Holistic Hypnotherapy is an effective method for weight loss because it not only helps you to lose the weight, it helps you to heal any limiting core beliefs, blocked emotions and memories which keep you stuck in your old ways.


By healing your past you are more easily able to create new habits and behaviours, and become more of the person you really want to be. We also release any stuck emotions held within your body with emotional release hypnotherapy. This helps you to discover where your emotions and feelings are held within your body. For example; many people might know they hold stress in their neck or back, but many people don't realise that they hold sadness in their belly and mid-section, or they hold a layer of body fat as protection against being hurt.




"I was fortunate enough to see Sharon and the journey experienced has been amazing, lasting and something that can't be explained but has been life changing. I did not imagine that hypnotherapy would be a path I would explore, but I am so very pleased I did and Sharon was the perfect guide to have on my journey." -Kira B


"I had a beautiful experience at Waking Life. I was welcomed into a nurturing and sacred space. David Candy married his technical expertise with his gentle, empathic nature creating a very safe space to explore and discover. I experienced great soul growth in a very short time, testament to the potency of Waking Life’s practice. I would recommend Waking Life to any person who hears the call to come home, you will be in very capable hands. Better than that, you will be held in a very loving heart." -Susan Fourie

















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