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Holistic Hypnotherapy 1 hour

Holistic Hypnotherapy brings effective healing and change in areas you are struggling with, including anxiety, sleeping problems, low-confidence, PTSD, anger, sickness and disease, phobias, relationship issues, grief, addiction, trauma, or lack of direction and life purpose. Sessions also available via Skype. NB: Booking 1.5 hour Holistic Hypnotherapy session is $200.

Reiki Energy Healing 1 hour

Reiki Healing helps to restore balance to your system, giving you more energy, reducing sickness, and encouraging an overall state of peace mind. Blocked or stuck energy gets released and old wounds can finally be healed with this transformative therapy, helping you feel more alive and more yourself than you have in years!

Past Life Hypnotherapy - 1.5 hours

An awakening experience with qualified and registered professional Past Life Hypnotherapists. In a past life session you can discover why you are the way you are, and heal relationships and reoccurring patterns in your current life. You can discover your life purpose, and connect into the powerful soul consciousness for a powerful and life-changing experience. You can record your session, and sessions are also available via Skype.

Holistic Counselling 1 hour

Short term or long term available. Everyone needs  guidance and support at different points in their life, which will help you to identify exactly what is blocking you from moving forward, and how to heal and change. Within these sessions you'll learn tools and techniques to help you move through the challenges keeping you stuck, and will help you get to where you want to be in your life.

Mindfulness Coaching 1 hour

Mindfulness coaching is life-changing. You'll discover just how powerful your mind is, and how to create a healthy, working relationship with it. You'll learn and implement techniques to quieten your mind, experience more calm and confidence, decrease and eliminate anxiety, and you'll feel more empowered. Mindfulness coaching is training that will help youfor the rest of your life, helping you when you need it most.

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