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Sharon and David are both regular writers for wellbeing and alternative therapies publications in New Zealand, Australia and North America as well as frequent speakers on personal transformation, Holistic and Spiritual Hypnotherapy. Sharon's writing has just recently been included in the syllabus for Melbourne's Institute of Energetic Transformation's Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy  - a highly regarded Hypnotherapy school in Melbourne, Australia and David has recently been invited to share his work in the Australian Hypnotherapy Association (AHA ) Journal's July issue.


Below is a list of links for articles and interviews David and Sharon have undertaken over their careers detailing their work and the potentials it has for personal growth and transformation. Their work centres around awareness of self that allows you to access your deeper truths which in turn create the platform for incredible transformation and healing. It is the empowerment people gain from discovering their own answers to their lives that sets this work apart and garnishes the profound results people are experiencing - getting control once again of their life journey.

Radio Host Sonia Cole interviews Dave Candy about Past Life Hypnotherapy and Hypnoenergetics

Radio Host Sonia Cole speaks with Dave Candy about her Past Life session with him

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