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We help people from all over the world to learn meditation through individual Skype sessions and courses, as well as through group courses (located in Wellington, New Zealand). Please visit our meditation classes page (or contact us) to find out when our next 4 week course starts. 


We want everybody to experience meditation and enjoy the benefits. That's why we do Skype sessions and courses, so you can easily fit it into your busy life, and not even have to leave the house! This also means that people in remote areas that don't have these things on offer don't have to miss out. 


For more information or to arrange a FREE SKYPE consultation please email us at contact@wakinglife.co.nzclick here, or phone/text us on +64 220 594807

Anyone can meditate!


We hear from so many people that come to see us time and time again, the same belief that they simply can't meditate. The reason for this is not because it is true in any way, it's simply because we have been taught over the years to believe that the only way to meditate is to sit quietly somewhere and attempt to quieten your mind.


The great news is this is not the case.


It's no wonder people all over the world believe that meditation is something for disciplined monks that work on it over years of practice - because that is the type of meditation they practice. But it is not the only way to meditate and reach that state of deep relaxation -




How It Works


With our unique style of meditation, instead of attempting to quieten the mind as so many of us have difficulty with today, we ENGAGE the mind. Working with our minds in such a way that it works WITH us rather than against us in achieiving that beautiful relaxed state we all crave.


How do we know this works? Because we not only use it with our meditation classes every week and this is what our students tell us, we also use these same methods in our one on one sessions with our clients. Most of whom have either never meditated before in their lives or have tried before and believed that they couldn't - that it just wasn't something they could do.


The simple truth is ANYONE can meditate given the right approach. We run regular meditation classes in Wellington, visit here for more info


The benefits of meditation:


  • The kind of deep and blissful relaxation that melts away stress and leaves you feeling rejuvenated

  • Higher energy levels that allow you to do more of what you want to do with each day

  • A profound mind-body connection that empowers you

  • Increased clarity, and peace of mind

  • Free-flowing inspiration and creativity that helps you solve any challenge and perform better at work

  • A deeper understanding of people’s feelings and emotions, leading to stronger bonds with your family, friends, co-workers and soulmate

  • A deeper sense of self-awareness

  • Better physical health

The Alpha level is the state most commonly associated with meditation however with mindfulness experiened through guided journeys you'll be able access even deeper levels of peace, calm and relaxation for longer periods of time.



Welcome to the evolution of meditation!


But I can't meditate, will I be able to do it?


Yes, that's what we're here for.


We specialise in helping people with busy minds and stressful lives to reach deep states of meditation. And usually we find, the people who think they can't meditate or that they don't have time, can benefit from learning meditation the most.


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We know that you have questions, and often would like to understand more about who we are, how we work and what it's going to be like for you - so we welcome your curiosity!


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