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Guided Meditation Course


Our next round of healing guided meditation classes start Wednesday 7th November 2018 at 6pm-7pm from Waking Life and runs for 4 weeks.


We facilitate guided meditation healing journeys, where you'll be able to experience a deep meditative state, even if you've had trouble and found meditation difficult in the past. 


What are the benefits of meditation?

Some of the main benefits of meditation include; more energy, better sleep, less anxiety, more confidence, improved health, feeling more at ease and calm in life, better ability to handle stress, clearer mind, feeling grounded, increased creativity, increased feelings of joy, love and compassion, better relationships, less conflict, more peace, more life fulfillment, and increased happiness. 

We also use meditation as a form to expand spiritually and develop more of a connection with our intuition, psychic abilities, spirit guides, and wisdom from our higher self. 


What goes on in a class? 


You'll be welcomed into our seaside home and encouraged to sit in a position comfortable for you. We enjoy a warm cuppa and a snack, then get comfortable to embark on a healing journey. Our healing guided meditations are unique and different each week, with either David or Sharon guiding you through guided meditation for relaxation, self-understanding, and healing.


When: Wednesday 7th November, 6pm - 7pm

Where: Waking Life, 3/ 106 Owhiro Bay Parade, Owhiro Bay


*Between Island Bay and Red Rocks car park.


For more information or to book your place call or text us on 022 0594807 or email 


Happy Meditating!

Sharon & David


PS: don't live in Wellington? We teach people meditation one-on-one via Skype so there's no excuse to miss out!

But I can't meditate, will I be able to do it?


Yes, that's what we're here for.


We specialise in helping people with busy minds and stressful lives to reach deep states of meditation. And usually we find, the people who think they can't meditate or that they don't have time, can benefit from learning meditation the most.




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