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Learn Reiki Level 1 Energy Healing

Presented by Sharon Cavill Reiki Master / Trainer
Make 2018 the year you start your Reiki energy healing journey with Waking Life.
When: Sunday 11th March 2018 at 10:30 am - 3pm
Where: Waking Life, Owhiro Bay, Wellington
Investment: $150

You'll learn all about Reiki, it's history, practical application, Reiki for self-healing, Reiki for healing friends, family, plants and animals.  

You'll learn hand placements and healing techniques.  

You'll receive your Reiki Level 1 attunement.

You'll learn how to do distance Reiki for people in other places.

We'll also cover an introduction to chakras, balancing and aligning your own chakras, clearing your energy, and clearing a room or house.  

You'll also receive Reiki from other students, and meet like-minded people to connect with and practice your new skills after the workshop.  

Reiki Level 1 is comprised of a 28 day programme including the workshop, guided meditations, Reiki manual and certificate is $150.  You'll also conduct mini Reiki sessions in your own time to complete your certification.
A light morning tea will be provided, but you are asked to bring your own lunch.  A kitchen is available for lunch and fridge for storing your food.  

Contact us to enquire and book your place. 

Happy healing!
PH: 022 0594808

Secrets Of Trance -

Training Workshop


Presented by Waking Life -
David Candy Reiki Master/Trainer,
Holistic & Past Life Hypnotherapist
Have you thought about leading meditation groups either personally or professionally?
Are you interested in learning a new skill to not only compliment your healing work, but open it up to possibilities you could never have imagined?
When: Saturday 2nd December 2017 at 10:00 am
Where: Centennial Community Centre
493/507 Adelaide Road, Berhampore
Duration: 5 hours

This introductory workshop is for anyone interested in healing for personal or professional use, including practitioners of a healing modality, such as meditation leaders, counsellors and therapists, yoga instructors, massage therapists, nurses and carers, and energy healing practitioners.

David welcomes anyone wishing to gain a deeper understanding of this unique healing practice, within a caring, supportive and friendly environment, to attend.



Healing Guided Meditation Journeys

Presented by Waking Life: Sharon Cavill & Dave Candy


Blast off this year with restorative healing meditation journeys, for better health, increased spirit connection, more balance, uplifted states, and less anxiety.
When: Tuesdays 6:30 pm - 8pm
Where: Owhiro Bay Parade, Owhiro Bay, Wellington
Cost: $80 for 4 week course
Bookings essential.
We facilitate guided meditation journeys, where you'll be guided to experience a deep meditative state. Our meditations are designed to help you with relaxation, self-understanding, chakra balancing and opening, spiritual connection, increase feelings of compassion, opening to love, and healing.

What are the benefits of meditation?

Some of the main benefits of meditation include; experiencing more energy, better sleep, less anxiety, more confidence, better perspective on life, better relationships, improved health, feeling more at ease and calm in life, better ability to handle stress, clearer mind, feeling grounded, increased creativity, increased feelings of joy, love and compassion, and so many more. 

What goes on in a class? 

You'll be welcomed into our seaside home and encouraged to sit in a position comfortable for you.  We enjoy having a chat, doing oracle cards, enjoying a cuppa and a snack, prior to getting comfortable to embarking on a healing journey that is different and unique each week.  

Our next round of healing guided meditations are commencing soon, so please get in touch to book your place.
Bookings are essential so if you're interested please contact us or phone / text Sharon 022 0594808 or email:
Evolve -a course in spiritual expansion.

Do you want to discover and explore your intuitive side?


Have you wondered about the world of intuition, Angels & Spirit Guides, Oracle Cards, energy healing - but haven't known where to start? 


Evolve is a highly interactive course where you'll discover and have fun with the world of spiritual development in a safe and supportive environment, alongside an experienced and nurturing instructor. 


This practical course is designed to encourage you to connect inward, and expand on your interest in the metaphysical side of life.  Together we'll explore the spirit realms and you'll learn how to effectively connect into and work with your Spirit Guides and Angels, read oracle cards, channel and much more fun stuff.  

We'll play and have fun with it, and all the while expand our horizons and support each other as our journeys combine.  This course will always be light, fun and loving so you'll feel supported in coming out of your shell and giving it a go.  


Does the sound of this course both excite and scare you? 


Evolve is a Psychic and Spiritual Development course to be held in Wellington, for 6 weeks.


If you'd like to connect to and work with your spirit guides, and higher awareness, practice reading oracle cards, then this course is for you.


To book your place or for more information
contact Sharon on 022 0594808 or email:

Explore Your Past Lives
-The journey of another lifetime

Do you want to discover and explore your past lives? 


Have you wondered if there's more to life than this?


This is your chance to find out! 


This Special Event is a highly interactive experience where you'll discover and explore your past lives in a safe and supportive environment, guided by an experienced and nurturing instructor. 


At this Special Event you'll:


- Explore your own past lives

- Gain insight into Past Life Hypnotherapy

- Receive healing on a deep level

- Discover for yourself if there's more than this one life

- Meet like-minded people

-Experience a deep and transformative meditative state



More details...


Where: The Island Bay Community Centre, 137 The Parade,   Island Bay. 

When: Taking expressions of interest


Sharon Cavill DCht, DPLht is one of New Zealand's few registered professional Past Life Hypnotherapist's and experts on Past Life journeying and therapy. She brings with her a wealth of knowledge and expertise to offer this opportunity of a life-time. 


To book your place or for more information
phone/text 022 0594808 or email:


Call +64 22 0594 807

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