Past Life Hypnotherapy

Past Life Hypnotherapy - The Journey into Past Lives

Past Life Hypnotherapy is a deep and powerfully awakening experience that helps you discover and experience lives that you have lived before. In a typical session we review one past life in depth, helping you to see, sense and experience another life which holds deep significance to your current life. 


How does it work?

We use relaxation techniques and guided meditation to engage your subconscious mind which holds all of the experiences of your current life, (even ones you've long forgotten), as well as offers the gateway into the memories of your Soul. 


But I can't meditate and have a busy mind.


Most people in our western world have a busy life and an even busier mind. We can help you with  that. You don't need to have ever meditated before and you don't need to be able to calm or silence your mind. We use many techniques to help you bypass the loudest chatter and still have your own experience. 



Why would someone have Past Life Hypnotherapy?


With Past Life Hypnotherapy, you are able to feel, sense and experience a Past Life in great detail, enabling you to unlock answers and knowledge to help you in your current life, helping you to move through challenges you may be encountering in your current life.


Past Life Hypnotherapy can help with include fears, phobias, sickness, chronic pain, addictions, relationship or emotional patterns, any unexplained tendencies and more. ​Past Life regression can also help you to discover your life purpose, increase psychic abilities, meet your spirit guide, clear old patterns, gain insight about relationships in your current life, heal pain, discover your true self and so much more. 


However many people seek exploration into past lives for curiosity and exploration reasons, and just to experience for themselves whether there is more to life than what we see in our physical world.


Experiencing a past life can help you:


  •  Release and clear repeating patterns

  •  Help you bring back insight and wisdom from your past lives  

  •  Explore particular areas for personal and spiritual growth

  •  Experience a life that has parallels to the life you wish to lead today



By reconnecting with a past life, you can discover the purpose of the life you live today and understand the key people you have around you. You can understand more about yourself and the patterns you've repeated, as well as discover why you are passionate about certain things, and afraid of others. 

The Past Life Experience

The Past Life Hypnotherapy experience is limitless, taking you through the physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic landscapes of a life you have once lived, allowing you to feel, sense and experience all that you were in that life and all that you can be in this life.

After all, it is the life that you lead now that is most important - the wisdom and knowledge you gain from any Past Life is there for you to use in any way you choose to help you live the life you want now.


Also, we'll record your session for you to keep (just request a recording)!



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If you'd like to learn more, Sharon has recently written an article on Holistic Hypnotherapy and Anxiety for the Australian Hypnotherapy Association Journal as well as publishing an article on Past Lives and Past Life Hypnotherapy for Natural Therapy pages Australia.


You can also listen to an in-depth interview David has done for New Zealand Radio where he talks about Past Life Hypnotherapy and discusses a session he did for radio host Sonia Cole. 


Click here to listen - Past Life - Sonia Cole interviews David Candy after having a session - click here to listen

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