Holistic Hypnotherapy treatment for Stress & Anxiety

February 6, 2014

Stress and Anxiety are becoming more and more a common occurrence in our lives today and part of this is simply due to our lack of understanding around how to treat them.


More often than not many clients being challenged with stress or anixiety that come to see us have been prescribed various medications in the hope of managing the discomfort whilst little or no time has been spent on looking into the actual cause.


We do however seem to be coming out of this age of what could be referred to as the symptomatic treatment age and Holistic Hypnotherapy is working hard to pioneer this change in approach.


We have in many fields, of which traditional Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis are most definitely included, chosen to focus on treating the effects rather than looking for the cause behind various  behaviours and ailments to which a hit and miss approach has created hit and miss results.


Holistic Hypnotherapy is an approach applied as an alternative to these outdated ideas and works with identifying the causes behind behaviours, so real and permanent change can be achieved naturally without any requirement for the use of prescribed drugs to manage  the symptoms.


It is about changing behaviours at a core level rather than managing them at a symptomatic level. By working with  each person holistically we are able to identify the root cause of a behaviour and through this awareness we can then work to change the behaviour


With respect to Stress and Anxiety, we've worked with people who have taken on various aspects of their condition from a parent or loved one at a very early age of development. It can easily be a learned condition that then becomes their own, creating conflict later on in their lives.


We have also seen these conditions as a result of trauma or events in someones life that have threatened safety and security, that can be triggered in various situations.


The list can go on and on and yet, through simple exploration using Holistic Hypnotherapeutic techniques, the very reaons and foundations of these conditions can be uncovered so as they can be eradicated permanently rather than managed for the rest of their lives.


Through the use of Holistic Hypnotherapy we have been able to work with people to create change with a new awareness of how their condition had come to be.


It is through this awareness that you are then able to not only move through the stress or anxiety but also influence change in other areas of your life, without the continual need for a therapist or hypnotherapist.


The key is through empowering our clients through their own journey to understanding and awareness of their condition.


Traditional Hypnosis and re-programming the mind have changed very little over the decades as they remain with an outdated approach. Besides the less than convincing results that have been achieved over the years, the approach itself is not one that empowers someone but rather disempowers them taking away the idea that they can indeed change their way of life within themselves.


The simple truth is that each and every person has the power to change their lives if they are simply provided with the space to do so.


Holistic Hypnotherapy is about creating that space and providing the tools to empower anyone to change.


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