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Holistic Hypnotherapy versus Traditional Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

April 11, 2014


Simply put, hypnosis is the state used in order to assist someone to connect with the subconscious mind. Traditionally this was used in order to attempt to re-program the subconscious mind in order to change a certain behaviour  for a more desirable  form of expression, but in today's era of psychotherapy that is not the case.


This change came about because it was soon understood that although this was indeed possible in certain cases there were definite requirements in order for a hypnotist to assist a person to do so.


First and foremost were belief systems - simply put, if a person did not believe that they could change or if they simply wished not to change, then this methodology of re-programming would not necessarily be successful.


Belief systems are what we form over our lives through our experiences in order to keep us safe and identify who we believe ourselves to be - they can not be simply over-written by another person unless we consent either consciously or sub-consciously which is why traditional hypnosis is no longer the only form in practice today.


The evolution of Holistic Hypnotherapy has come from three key identifiers around the pitfalls with the traditional methodology of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy which are these:


Firstly, attmpting to re-program behaviours through engagement with the sub-conscious can be problematic in that it is not necessarily effective as a single method and has been shown to be hit and miss in many areas. The traditional 5- 6 sessions that is still used by some hypnotists and traditional hypnotherapists attempts to make this singular technique more effective however this has been known for some time to have little or no effect if there is a deeper reason for the existence of the behaviour that needs to be discovered.


Secondly, it is not empowering for a person to have to seek out another's help to re-program who they are and instead reinforces a belief that they are not in control of their behaviour. Our behaviours exist for a reason and stem from real ideas that we have compiled through our own experience over our lives that are commonly known as our "beliefs". Put another way, our beliefs tell us everything about how we see the world, ourselves and why we behave in the way that we do.


If we engage with them in the right way we can quickly see that we are in control of everything that we do and that it is merely the thought that we aren't that can cause us concern. When we understand why we do the things we do we then have the power to change it at a fundamental level which is why Holistic Hypnotherapy focuses on this - it is not only empowering but most importanly it is the most effective means for change.


And thirdly, traditonal hypnosis and hypnotherapy just as many traditional therapies over the past decades have been symptom based - they look only to deal with or manage the surface symptoms rather than look for the deeper cause.


Holistic Hypnotherapy has changed this completely, understanding that the symptom or behaviour is merely an effect of an underlying cause and that even if you could change a behaviour at a symptomatic level, the deeper cause would still remain and be expressed through another vehicle. Addiction is a great example of this.


Through new ways of thinking coupled with cutting edge techniques, Holistic Hypnotherapy works to bring awareness to the reasons behind a situation so that change can then be instilled at a fundamental level that is effective and empowering for a person. It is about allowing a person to explore themselves in order to gain a greater understanding that allows them to know how they can change themselves - the Holistic Hypnotherapist is the facilitator for this discovery and seeks only to help guide and support.


When we are able to realise how much control we do have over our lives, we are able to enact change on our own without the further need for a professional practitioner to assist us. Holistic Hypnotherapy aims to help people back into the drivers seat of their lives so that they no longer need to seek out help and can instead be the conscious and deliberate creator of their lives.

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