The Secret to a Stress Free Work Life

June 10, 2014


The Secret to a Stress Free Work Life

Part 1


Who wouldn't want to be stress free? Not just at work but in life in general. In this series I'm going to walk you through exactly how I became free of stress as well as detailing the very methods I use each and every day to help my clients all over the world to experience a stress free work life too. But we have never really been told this is possible have we?


The Stress Management Era


Our history with stress has shown an ever increasing volume of ideas, tools and techniques that apparently allow us at best to manage an issue that it is generally accepted as an issue we can never be totally free of.


Along with these countless approaches and beliefs we have our Top 5 causes of stress, Top 10 tips for stress reduction, 20 Best Stress Management techniques, the list goes on and on. And not one of these offers a real solution that works - everytime. The best we are offered is a means to reduce or manage the symptoms of stress and through it all, stress has been made into a beast so massive, so unpredictable that the very mention of it's name can send people into a state of intense anxiety. It's no wonder we are utterly depressed by it all and yet, these are only ideas.


A New Way of Thinking


So what if we had it all wrong? What if the reason our approaches can only at best manage stress some of the time is simply due to the fact that we have missed something along the way. What if, instead of simply looking to treat the symptoms of stress we could actually find the cause and the solution.


A solution that not only frees us from stress but a solution that works all the time, everytime. What could life be like then? I know, most of you are probably thinking - “yeah right”. I hear you. I used to think the same way.


The result of our past history with stress has most definitely created a culture of victimisation where we feel we are at the mercy of stress, afraid of any changes that may come our way and that may indeed force us into a state of complete helplessness. It wasn't until I asked the question - “but what if that wasn't true?” that I began a journey of discovery that lead me to the insight of which I'll share with you in this article. It was this journey that would not only reveal to me that a stress free life was not only possible for me, but it showed me that it was possible for everyone. It is foolproof, bulletproof, guaranteed to work all the time everytime without exception. Have I peaked your interest? It all starts here.


Identifying the REAL cause of Stress


So in the same way we have created our Top 5, Top 10, Top 20 lists, the very first thing I do with people who come to see me, is to sit them down and help them generate their own list of causes. And do you know what I hear time and time again?


The exact same information that has been published in print media and online forums the world over. “It's work, it's the workload I have, it's the staff that work for me, it's my boss, it's home, it's finances, it's my relationships” – the list goes on. Sound familiar?


So once we've allowed all of that to be listed down, I simply go through each example on the list they have given me and just ask one simple question – just one.


“Tell me what the common denominator is here?”


And it may take just a few moments or it may take longer. And I watch as they wrestle with this question as if it were so simple that there must be something else they need to “figure out” first before they answer, something I have hidden somewhere within the question.


Eventually we get there though and do you know what the answer is everytime? It doesn't take long for them to join the dots and know where we're heading with it all and it's the unspoken sigh of relief that I see comes over them that tells me they've understood the opportunity they've stumbled upon. They've located the door to their freedom from stress and now we just need to find the key. The great part is that the key is in the door, they need only have the willingness to turn it to see what's on the other side.


So what was the answer to the question? I'll leave that with you. And when you think you know the asnwer, sit with it a while. How does it feel? What do you notice when you apply it to each and every situation you have ever experienced stress in? And if you're interested in finding the key to unlock this new doorway to freedom, tune in next week as I share some of the secrets to unlocking the door and experiencing a stress free life. You may just find it is a lot easier than you think.



About David Candy


David Candy is a mentor, workshop presenter and personal development expert. Based in Wellington, New Zealand, he works with people from all over the world now helping them to maximise their life's potential through his private sessions and mentoring program. His work has been published in journals and online media throughout Australia and New Zealand.


If you'd like to learn more please feel free to contact him directly by following the link provided.


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