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What If You Were Exactly Where You Were Meant To Be

July 19, 2014

Having just glided past the middle of the year, this is an opportune time to reflect back on any goals that we set ourselves at the start of the year.

When we reflect on these goals however, do we get caught up in the details of what they are and whether we have actually done any of them yet or not, or are we able to look a little deeper, and discover what is the underlying essence of these goals. Is there a theme that we can see which is deeper than the details and expectations we had outlined at the beginning of the year?


For example, we may have decided upon some goals for the year which included; start a blog, do meditation, eat healthy, meet new people, attend a workshop etc. But when we look a little deeper into these goals and we see past the details and specifics, what is revealed to us then is the essence of these goals; which for the goals listed above might be to push ourselves out of our comfort zone or to rediscover something that has been niggling at us for some time. Whether or not we have achieved all, some or any of our goals for this year, the details don't actually matter.


It's the essence behind the goals that is important.


So if we spent a few moments now working out the essence behind our goals for this year, and allowed the theme to be revealed what do we discover? What are those themes that lay underneath our goals and how many ways have we already achieved them?


So now when you think about all of the ways that you have actually been achieving what you set out for the year already – (and we're not even half way through) - how do you feel?


What else could you achieve throughout 2014?

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