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Holistic Hypnotherapy - A New Era in Hypnotherapy

August 24, 2014

Traditional or mainstream hypnosis and hypnotherapy has been calling out for change for a long time. From this, over recent years, has come a brand new approach to how hypnosis and hypnotherapy is applied.


The new era in hypnotherapy is holistic in nature and seeks to bring a new approach, a new of thinking that will create real and lasting change for people, that can be experienced throughout all areas of their lives.


Waking Life is currently the only practice in New Zealand offering qualified Holistic Hypnotherapists and is fast becoming known for it's different approach and effective results.


So how is Holistic Hypnotherapy different to mainstream Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy?


There are three main differences between holistic hypnotherapy and traditional or mainstream hypnosis and hypnotherapy.


Firstly, whilst traditonal hypnosis and hypnotherapy seeks to treat only the symptoms of an issue, holistic hypnotherapy works with identifying and working with the root cause of any issue. Holistic Hypnotherapy understands that in order to create real and lasting change in our lives, we must first discover and understand why it is we are experiencing the issue.


It is through this understanding and awareness that we can then begin to enact quick but more importantly lasting change, allowing us to move through any challenge with a greater understanding of ourselves that will serve to assist us in any future challenges we may face.


The other main aspect of this is that through identifying the cause, we more often than not will see that many areas of our lives have been impacted in some way by the one cause and therefore we will experience profound and positive change in many areas of our lives following each session.

Whilst mainstream hypnosis and hypnotherapy works one dimensionally with the mind, holistic hypnotherapy understands that we are more than one dimensional.


We as human beings are made up of a mental, emotional and physical dimension and when holistic hypnotherapy engages with all of these dimensions we are able to assist people to make incredible change in their lives that is holistic and assists change at all level of our being.


We understand that our mental and emotional state of being directly impacts our physical and that this can occur both ways. So in order to help you to achieve real and lasting change, we ensure that every aspect of any issue is considered and worked with at a mental, emotional and physical level.


The results we see through this new approach are so effective and life-changing, which is why we are so passionate about working holistically as the results simply speak for themselves.

The third main difference between Holistic Hypnotherapy and traditonal hypnosis and hypnotherapy is the education and empowerment. Each session we undertake includes the opportunity for a greater personal understanding to take place. It is through this journey of growth and understanding that we enable people to gain the knowledge and tools that will set a foundation for them to be able to undertake further work on their lives without the need for a Hypnotherapist to help them.


Our work is based around empowering people to realise they CAN face challenges and work through them on their own, that they DO have the power to change their lives in ANY way they choose, and that we are simply facilitators for them to discover this during a window of time that will long serve them well into the future.


The truth is, you do have the ability to change your life and overcome anything you choose to and our job is simply to assist you to realise that so that in the future you will no longer need our help.


For more information email us at contact@wakinglife.co.nz or phone directly on 022 0594 807 or 0220 594 808, we'd love to hear from you!



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