Common Myths of Meditation

November 6, 2014

We have started a new weekly meditation class at the beautiful Shambhala Meditation Centre in the heart of Wellington City. This class is designed for people of all levels. Our guided meditation journeys are particularly geared towards people who may have experienced difficulties with meditation in the past, or may think that they can't meditate.


There are many misconceptions around what meditation is and what it isn't, and this is often the determining factor which keeps so many people from participating in this hugely beneficial practice.


Some commons myths and false beliefs people hold around meditation include:


"I need to silence my mind"

"I can't focus or concentrate for that long"

"I can't stop thinking"

"I'm too busy"

"I'm not religious"


These and many more prevent people from giving meditation a go, or from giving it another go - if they have already tried and not had an enjoyable or beneficial experience.


Meditation is usually not what people think it is. You do not need to silence your mind, in fact, silencing your mind is only one form or style of meditation. At Waking Life we encourage and teach a form of meditation which engages your mind, which is particularly useful for people with busy minds and busy lives.


There are also many techniques which people can use to meditate in a short amount of time, even just for a minute or two at their desk at work.


Studies have shown that meditation, even after only a few short weeks, can help increase the experience of positive emotions, reduce stress, relieve anxiety, increase memory, focus and learning, boost self-understanding and compassion, enhance relationships, promote peace and feelings of well-being, boost immune systems, increase overall health, reduce illness and increase feelings of joy, fulfillment and happiness.


What are you holding in the way of experiencing meditation?


Our meditations are non-religious and we do not preach any code or belief system. We just help people to discover what meditation is for them and then we offer a the support of a group environment to encourage the process along.


Our weekly classes are:

  • Tuesdays in Breaker Bay, Wellington 7pm - 8:38pm

  • Wednesdays lvl 6, 65 Ghuznee St, Wellington City 7pm - 8pm


For more information on meditation at Waking Life call us on 022 0594807 or email


We'd love to hear from you!


Warm wishes,

Sharon and Dave


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