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Meditation Boosts Our Creativity

December 12, 2014

As the awareness of mindfulness and meditation grow there has been further demand for research into the benefits regular practice offers.


Recently studies have revealed that through regular meditation practice changes are experienced in the neocortex in the brain, which is known to be the more newly formed aspect of our brain through evolution and is responsible for our creative thinking, visioning, problem solving and hypnothesizing.


These studies have also shown that whilst there is an increase in activity in our neocortex there is also a decrease in activity in the reptilian part of our brain, which is responsible for our aggression and uncontrollable desires and emotions.


Basically these studies have been showing us that we can increase our capacity to be creative and to think big through meditation.


Interestingly leading edge companies such as Google now have full-time Mindfulness and Meditation staff and a mindfulness program called 'Look Inside Yourself' and has built special walkways designed for walking meditations.


To read a more indepth report about the research studies and findings please visit:

"Mind the Trap": Mindfulness Practice Reduces Cognitive Rigidity by Jonathan Greenberg, Keren Reiner and Nachshon Meiran.



At Waking Life we run regular meditation classes designed for beginners to experienced meditators, as well as individual one-on-one Mindfulness Therapy sessions. 


To find out more or to book your FREE 30 minute session, email us at contact@wakinglife.co.nz or phone/text us on 022 0594807.







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