Can Hypnotherapy help with Trauma?

Hypnotherapy is a very effective modality for people who have experienced trauma or abuse, especially when it's used holistically. The main point to be aware of is that Holistic Hypnotherapy aims at bringing a level of healing to the person in whatever way that is uniquely required for them, and even though what is required for a certain level of healing is different for each person, everyone can benefit. 


The very definition of healing is the process of making or becoming sound or healthy again, and through Holistic Hypnotherapy we can help you do just that.


We know that after experiences trauma or abuse we're often left feeling a shell of our former self. Our innocence is lost, and so is our spirit. We can feel disconnected from ourselves and from life. 


With Holistic Hypnotherapy we aim to help you feel whole again. To get your spirit back and to feel connected to yourself and life once more. 


What Happens in a Session?


Firstly your Hypnotherapist  guides you into a relaxed state, and don't worry if you feel like you can't relax or can't meditate, your trained Hypnotherapist is well versed in helping even the most anxious people. Once your brainwaves slow down a beautiful gateway to your subconscious mind is available, and is there for you to access information about yourself. 


You'll always be completely awake and aware during a session, and you'll remember everything. Your Hypnotherapist will then ask different questions that you both would like answers to, such as what is holding you back, how can you heal, did you give your power over, what emotions are blocked, and more. 


Within this healing space you'll be able to feel energy and emotion that is blocked and stuck within you from the incident or trauma. You'll be guided on different techniques to release this energy and to heal yourself. 


How Many Sessions Will I Need?


The numbers of sessions varies between people as everyone's individual circumstances and rates of healing are different. As a guide it's helpful to commit to 3 sessions to start. With Holistic Hypnotherapy you'll already be able to see big change within yourself and your life after 3 appointments. 


The best idea though is to book in a consultation, which is like a mini session that you don't have to pay for! We recommend you 'Try before you buy', well, before you commit to working with any therapist. 


Can I Find Out More?


Yes, at Waking Life we offer FREE consultations where we'll help you find out more, and we'll discuss your unique situation. 




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