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We Can Be Happy

Happiness is a funny thing, the more you focus on it and the more you work toward it, the more elusive it becomes. It doesn't pay to focus too hard on trying to 'find' happiness. And we'd all be a lot better off if we stopped trying so hard. We can't force happiness, and even when we feel it, we can't hold onto it by tightening our grip. 


So what CAN we do?


Well, it's not all hopeless. There are things we can do to increases our chances of experiencing more good feeling emotions like happiness, joy, bliss, love, ease and gratitude.


We can start by identifying and healing or removing our blocks to love and happiness, and all of the feel good emotions, along with recognising and healing our addiction to thought and negative, painful emotions. 


What blocks happiness?


In a simply answer it's our mind. In the longer version, it's our beliefs around ourselves, our past, our wounds, our busy mind, our relationship with others, our inability to let things go, lack of forgiveness, our disturbed relationship with our mind and more that blocks our happiness. And that's what we can work on. We can change our relationship with our mind, update how we view ourselves and the world, and heal our past as best we can. 


We can discover how to love ourselves. 


Life gets easier when we do all of these things. Our mental space is clearer, we let love into our lives, and we end up allowing the feeling of happiness to gently rise up within us. 


If you'd like some help to create a healthy and encouraging state of mind, or to heal your past, we invite you to contact us, or phone 022 0594 807 and see how we can help you. 






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