Meditation Classes Wellington

August 23, 2018

Are you interested in the healing benefits of meditation, but don't know where to start?


At Waking Life we love the enjoyable (and easy) process of guided meditation and run classes regularly from Owhiro Bay, Wellington. 


Guided Meditation is an enjoyable process because anyone can do it, and it doesn't focus on getting you to quieten your mind by ceasing to think, it works with your mind to lull you on a relaxing journey. 


What is guided meditation like?


You can do this for yourself, by closing your eyes and imaging yourself at a beautiful, calming place in nature such as a beach of the forest. Take yourself through a 5 minute process of noticing everything that would be there, such as the sand beneath your feet, the wind on your face, or the sound of the water.


Guided meditation is very effective at promoting all the good feelings that we want to experience more of in our lives, such as calmness, joy, relaxation, happiness, and it even enhances our connection to love, our intuition, and our higher guidance. 


If you're interested in experiencing all the wonderful benefits regular meditation has to offer, why not give our guided meditation classes a go. 


At Waking Life Wellington we offer a relaxing, encouraging and safe space, for you to explore your inner self. You will never be made to talk or share about your experience, if you don't want to, and you will meet other like minded souls wishing to experience meditation too. 


What are the benefits?


The benefits of regular meditation practice are endless, but some of the main ones our meditation classes focus on include; healing, relaxation, decrease of stress, improved sleeping, increased inner spiritual connection, increased intuition, connection to higher self, increased feelings of love and compassion, less anxiety, calmer mind, more happiness, increased feelings of joy, better health, and more confidence. 


When are the next classes?


Our classes start Wednesday 3rd October 2018, and run for 4 weeks between 6pm - 7pm and the cost is $80 for the 4 week block, payable at time of booking. Bookings are essential as these classes get booked up (as we only have small groups) so please contact us now if you're keen. 






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Meditation Classes Wellington

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