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Sound Healing

Sound healing is an ancient practice that dates back centuries. More recently, sound baths and sound healing sessions have become more and more popular as people seek for healing from stress related dis-ease and to calm the mind chatter that envelopes their daily lives. Reaserchers have discovered many benefits of the practice, such as anxiety reduction, pain management, and memory improvement.


While many people are living with chronic stress which encourages our bodies to invoke a ‘fight or flight,’ state of being which not only increases dramatically the onset of dis-ease by putting pressure on the body's organs and functions, but also creates an unhealthy relationship with our inner and outer worlds as we struggle emotionally through each day weighed heavily down by the stress we continue to create. So it's no surprise that the sheer relaxation that comes with engaging in a sound bath or sound healing session alone can create fundamental change within our physical bodies as well as our mental and emotional landscape as we experience and embody a calm stillness that is invoked by the sound healing instruments used.


Sound healing helps to synchronise the brain waves in order to achieve deeply profound states of calm and relaxation that in turn helps the cells in our bodies to restore to their normal vibratory frequencies.


Because the human body is 75% water, it is a great conductor for sound vibrations. This allows for the vibrations to travel through the body and promote circulation, energy flow, and rejuvenation.


Sound healing can help clear energetic blockages facilitating healing on a physical and mental level. Some of the benefits of sound healing are:

  • lower stress levels

  • fewer mood swings

  • lower blood pressure

  • lower cholesterol

  • improved sleep

Over the years, sound healing has also been used to treat a number of conditions including anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, autism, and dementia.

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