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How Holistic Counseling Helps your Relationships


Do you feel unsupported? Is your home life suffering?  Or do you find yourself surrounded by dramas and conflict at work? Or


Holistic Counseling is a tool used to help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your relationships, and your life. Through this deeper understanding we can gain clear insight into what your triggers are in your life. We'll then work to heal the original event which causes you to be triggered and reactive today.


Whenever we have a strong reaction, or conflict with someone

it is a signal that something is out of balance, and that we

have unhealed wounds. 


Through a gentle guided meditation process we'll help you get to

root cause behind your issues, and then through self-understanding

and emotion release, we'll reduce the intense emotional responses,

or upsets that you're experiencing in response to other people. 


If you're having problems in your relationships with your partner,

or just know it could be better, then Holistic Hypnotherapy is a

therapy which can be done both as a couple, as well as individually.


What are the benefits?


You'll be able to gain a clearer insights into what's really going

on both on a personal level, as well as between you both. 


You'll be able to experience more happiness, deeper connection, a more peaceful home-life, feel supported, be heard and feel able to speak up and express yourself, and experience a deeper more fulfilling connection with your partner.


We've helped so many couples go from thinking they needed to break up, to re-discovering their love, companionship, and commitment to each other. Our work is powerful because we recognise both people as individuals, as well as partners, and address the situation from this perspective. 


Who can we help?


Whether you're experiencing problems in your relationship with your partner, having issues with people at work, would like more fulfilling friendships, or would like to attract the right partner, then we're here to help you.




Book your FREE consultation today:


Want to know if we can help you? Contact us by emailing or call/text 022 0594 807 to speak to us directly.


Not in Wellington, New Zealand? No worries! We do Zoom/Skype sessions with people all around the world! We have clients in Australia, Canada, Italy, and America! Let us know you'd like your session over Skype. 

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