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How Holistic Hypnotherapy Helps with Trauma and Abuse


Holistic Hypnotherapy can be profoundly helpful for anybody that has suffered through trauma and abuse at any stage throughout their life time. Firstly it's important to point out that you are always in complete control in any session with us, and being 'under' or 'hypnotised' often has a lot of misinformation surrounding it. Holistic Hypnotherapy is used for therapeutic purposes and is nothing like stage hypnosis. The approach we use is very gentle, it's a form of guided meditation which is utilised to help you connect with your subconscious mind, in an acute state of awareness - as opposed to going to sleep. 


The reason we use hypnotherapy or guided meditation therapy with people who have experienced trauma or abuse, is for many reasons. It's extremely helpful to not only talk about past trauma but to change the way your mind has stored it and to change the energy or emotion stored in our body. It is often the feeling that reminds us and keeps us stuck, and keeps getting triggered throughout the rest of our lives. This is what we want to access and change.


Accessing the repeating images and the stored emotions, once we're in a safe space, allows us to discover what we need to do to heal and change. For example; a person might hold so much anger and resentment as a result of what they didn't do and say during incidences of sexual abuse when they were a child. This is very common as it's only in hindsight, when we have more of our capacities, that we wish we'd fought back or acted differently, we forget we weren't capable of that at the time. When we review the incident as it's stored in our subconscious mind we get to change it however we like. We get to fight back, yell, tell our loved ones immediately afterwards - all within our mind during the session. Our mind will actually update the feelings, emotions and beliefs stored within us as a result, which means we finally do get to change the past. We won't truly forget what happened, but our body and mind will update how it is stored, meaning you get more of a chance at being yourself and not being triggered by the past, so we get to reclaim our lives!   

You get your power back!


We don't have to let the feelings of our past dictate our future, and even though it can seem scary or we might not want to 'dredge' up the past, it can be the greatest thing we can do for ourselves. It's hard to live a full life when we live from a place of fear. At Waking Life we always work in a safe, gentle and caring manner, and we know not everyone wants to go at the same pace. We also know the idea of Holistic Hypnotherapy can sound scary, so we encourage people to firstly book into a free 30 minute consultation either in-person or via phone/skype, so you can meet us first and have a chat. 


If you'd like to know more about how holistic hypnotherapy can help you, get in touch with us and we can discuss your situation with you.

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