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               Learn Reiki Energy Healing

  Level 1, Level 2, and Mastership Training


Would you like to discover more about the limitless world of Reiki energy healing? Would you like to know how to balance your own energetic system for optimal health in mind, body and spirit? Perhaps you'd like to take the next step to making a career of healing by becoming a professional Reiki practitioner.


Whether your Reiki Energy Healing journey starts out as one for personal use, or whether you already know you'd like to work with other people, undertaking the Reiki levels with a qualified Reiki Master / Teacher is a life-changing experience. 


Anyone can use Reiki Energy, and everyone can learn to feel, sense and work with energy, whether they feel very 'connected' or not. It's a beneficial journey of love, play and healing, and helps you to deepen your awanress about the interaction of energy within your own system, as well as working with the energy systems of other people. You'll discover how and where you hold blocked energy and stuck / bottled up emotions inside of you, and how to clear anda balance it. You'll also learn how to release this energy and bring yourself back into alignment. 


If this sounds enticing to you give us a call, and start your Reiki Energy Healing journey today! 

You have the option of learning Reiki in a group or one-on-one with a qualified Reiki Master. 



Reiki Level 1 includes:


Understanding about Reiki Energy

How to call on and channel life force energy

Receive atttunements to Reiki energy

Feel, sense and experience energy

Self-healing techniques

How to heal and balance your system

How to clear energy

How to clear and protect your space / home / room

How to tell when your system is out of alignment or balance

How to protect your energy (without blocking)

Introduction to the seven chakras

Begin working with Reiki mind healing techniques

Certification upon completion of course



Reiki Level 2 includes:


More in-depth study of healing and self-healing

Understanding contributing factors to heal chakra inbalances

Preparing your energy, and your healing space

Becoming a Practitioner

Attunements to become a Reiki Healing Practitioner

Introduction to distance healing

How to conduct a healing session - from intake, to session debrief

Maintaining your personal energy and space


Optional learning courses to complement Reiki:


Guided Meditation Facilitator Introduction course:


Experience deep meditative states

Understanding the brainwave states

Discover techniques to help someone reach a meditative state

4 points to guiding everyone into a relaxed state

Working with blocks and busy minds

How to use meditation for healing

Learn to intuit and lead (facilitate guided meditation without scripts)



Also Waking Life Reiki Energy Healing levels are offered on a personal one-on-one basis, including the Guided Meditation Facilitator course. 



At Waking Life we create a supportive and fun environment where our focus is to give you the skills, freedom and confidence to dive right in and discover for yourself this incredible area of healing. 


For more information or to book into start your Reiki journey, email: or visit here to have someone call you back. 

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