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            What is Reiki Energy Healing?

Reiki Energy Healing or Energy Medicine is an ancient process by which energy, known as Chi, Prana or Universal Life Force energy is channeled by the practitioner to the recipient for the purpose of balancing and healing mind, body and spirit.


Energy Healing is a natural, drug free alternative therapy that utilises the body's own ability to heal itself, and giving it the best chance to do just that, through realignment and balancing. Everything we know and experience is made up of energy and through Reiki Energy Healing our own body intelligence is engaged to bring about healing in a powerful and tangible way.


This healing can occur through all aspects of our Being; Emotional, Physical, Spiritual, Energetic and can lead to not only gaining healing and relief, but also insight, awareness, and a deeper understanding and connection with ourselves.



So why do people come to see us for Reiki Energy Healing?


People come to see us for Reiki Energy Healing sessions for a large amount of reasons, from gaining relief from pain and sickness, to increasing vitality, balance and overall wellness.


Reiki Energy Healing is an effective therapy that can be utilised in many ways at many levels. In some ways there are certain similarities with Massage therapies in that regular sessions for relaxation and balancing can be undetaken in order to maintain a general state of well being or alternatively, more focused sessions can be undetaken to work through specific issues such as Anxiety, Stress, Sleeping Difficulties, Nervousness, Pain Management and Relief, Trauma Healing, PTSD, Relaxation, Illness, Increased Energy, and Motivation.




Energy & Illness


Pain and illness, and many behavioural challenges can be a direct result of emotion ( energy in motion ) suppressed and trapped within our body. This energy can remain stagnant within us, as opposed to following the natural motion of flow; to be experienced, felt and then released from the body.


This emotion trapped within us is often unknown and even unfelt for many years, however it's affects can be experienced through triggering reactions to certain situations or events. When we become triggered we often react without thinking, experience anxiety, nervousness, low-confidence, anger, or a general inability to express, feel or control emotions.


We suppress or detach from emotions for many reasons, often we feel the need to be strong for other people so we may hide and push down how we are really feeling. This often occurs when we experience trauma as a child, heartache, pain, or death of a loved one throughout our life. Sometimes we are scared of our emotions and save our expression for a later date, however not realising this emotion is actually being held deep within our body, and out of our conscious awareness. Once we detach from our emotions a pattern of suppression can begin.


This is where working with a Reiki Energy Healing professional is greatly beneficial as your session will reconnect you to your emotion and energy, and create a healthy and balanced body with Mind, Body and Soul.


Reiki Energy Healing can help with many areas, including: Anxiety, Stress, Sleeping Difficulties, Lack of Energy & Motivation, general dis-ease in the body, Nervousness, Pain Management and Relief, Trauma Healing, PTSD, an Relaxation. 


To discuss if Reiki Energy Healing could be beneficial for you, please click here to have someone contact you, or alternatively you can call us direct on +64 220 594 807. We would be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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