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Many years ago I found an ad in the newspaper which read: Hypnotherapy for Low-Confidence. It caught my attention because I had been struggling with low-confidence for what felt like all of my life. I had trouble speaking up in front of people and was constantly putting myself down, I always doubted myself and my abilities, and I always worried that people were thinking negatively about me. I didn't know what a Hypnotherapist was but I booked in anyway. It was that decision to ask for help that changed my life.


Hypnotherapy sessions helped me so much that I knew it was what I wanted to do. I wanted to help people in the same profound and effective way that my Hypnotherapist had helped me. I researched and booked into a course which came highly recommended because I knew if I was going to do this, I was going to do it right.


I gained a a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy at the Academy for Transformational Psychotherapy and a Diploma in Hypnoenergetics and Advanced Hypnotherapy at the Institute of Energetic Transformation. And I have completed Past Life Hypnotherapy Certification with a branch of The Michael Newton Institute in Melbourne, as well as completed my Master / Teacher level in Reiki.


Today I am so passionate about helping people through whatever they may be struggling with in life, whether it be low-confidence, anxiety, nervousness, grief, past trauma, sexual abuse, or fears and phobias. Through a combination of counselling and hypnotherapy I help people heal and move forward in life in an empowered and more joyous way.


"My experience with Sharon at Waking Life was profound. Firstly she put me at ease with her empathy and instinctive understanding of the situation that I had come to her for help with.


She guided me surely and gently through our session together allowing me to reach deeply enough to look at the different aspects that needed addressing; with the result that after we had finished I felt that I had the tools to approach certain problems in a way that I had never before considered, and that felt very right to me.


Thank you Sharon for your skill and insight, I would recommend you to anyone wanting to shift and work through their problems in order to be the person and live the life they truly aspire to!" -Jo, Wellington


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My journey with Hypnotherapy has been a personal one. Throughout my life I suffered from ongoing issues with anxiety and panic attacks, depression, addiction and low confidence. From an early age I was diagnosed with conditions that are still considered life long illnesses.


Through working with a number of hypnotherapists over the years, I not only was able to overcome issues that had been plaguing me for over a decade but I also found the self belief and motivation to go on to become a qualified hypnotherapist myself, so that I could help support and assist others through their challenges with holistic hypnotherapy.


I made it my duty to not only attend the best hypnotherapy school on offer in Australia and receive the most leading edge training available, but my commitment was also to become the most effective hypnotherapist people could find.


While my experience and expertise in holistic hypnotherapy is important, I find my life experience is what allows me to be able to work with people from all walks of life in such a way that they feel supported, heard and understood. I know how important it is to feel comfortable, safe and not judged, when dealing with personal issues. I feel this is just as important as the hypnotherapy work itself as it directly impacts the effectiveness of the therapy which in turn impacts the results.


Holistic Hypnotherapy has been the first of it's kind to recognise this importance, which is why the results that are achieved are so profound and life changing for people.

I am continuously amazed at how effective Holistic Hypnotherapy can be and it is my mission to continue to grow the awareness of this craft, training and developing other hypnotists and hypnotherapists so that they too can work with me to bring Holistic Hypnotherapy to more and more people looking for help.


Over the years I have been very fortunate that my work has been published throughout various media outlets in Australia and New Zealand, as well as having been a regular contributor to "Ask the Expert", offering advice to people throughout New Zealand looking for help with their life challenges.


"David has been an extraordinary earth guide for my spiritual, intellectual and emotional journey. At the sessions with him, I can always connect with the oneness and true self. The tranquility and enlightenment that I have achieved under David's guidance are beyond description.

In particular, I had a life between lives session with David. The experience was amazingly enlightening. It brought all the familiarity of home, warmth, happiness and unlimited love with tears. More importantly, through meeting my people and guide/elder, and reviewing my current life, I found the ultimate answers to lots of my questions, and resolutions for my life blockage. I have never felt that lightness and freedom in my life, like a rebirth:)

Thank you, David! Thank you for kindly being an incredible guide!" -Fei Tang, Wellington

To read more independent feedback please visit Google Reviews.

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