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Waking Life Hypnotherapy Wellington

A peaceful seaside sanctuary overlooking the beautiful waters of Owhiro Bay, Waking Life offers a holistic healing centre including Holistic Hypnotherapy, Holistic Counselling, Reiki and Sound Energy healing as well as a centre for buying crystal singing bowls and chakra sets in New Zealand via The Oracle Shop NZ.


We recognise that each and every human being has within us an incredible ability to heal and change our lives. We simply offer the space and modalities for that to be realised.


Our purpose is to provide you with everything you need in order to assist you in creating that real and lasting change, in the safest and most supportive environment. We are committed to helping you move through any challenges you are facing, so that you can live the life YOU want.


   Are you ready to make a change?


At Waking Life Hypnotherapy Wellington, our approach is simple - we look at the whole person when working with them through their life challenges. So whether it's counseling, hypnotherapy, mindfulness or energy healing that someone comes to us for, we wil blend these modalities to help tailor an effective approach for each individual.


We do this through Hypnoenergetics.


With Hypnoenergetics, we have a unique opportunity to help our clients in ways that can create vast change in their wellbeing. A blending of hypnotherapy, counselling and energy work Hypnoenergetics has been helping people from all over the world to create deep and fundamental change in their lives.


The only practice in New Zealand to have internationally qualified Holistic Hypnotherapists trained in Hypnoenergetics, with over 10 years experience  Waking Life offers a safe and effective approach to wellbeing that can help with -


Anxiety, stress and relaxation, low-confidence and self-worth, depression, anger issues, relationships, and sleeping disorders along with helping post traumatic stress disorders and chronic pain.


Much in the same way meditation helps us focus inward to understand ourselves, Holistic Hypnotherapy helps you to access the same meditative or hypnotic state through a gentle and effective relaxation process so that you can begin the empowering journey, through which you can create change in your life.


The Flock

David Candy DCht

My journey with Hypnotherapy has been a personal one. Throughout my life I suffered from ongoing issues with anxiety and panic attacks, depression, addiction and low confidence. From an early age I was diagnosed with conditions that are still considered life long illnesses.


Through working with a number of hypnotherapists over the years, I not only was able to overcome issues that had been plaguing me for over a decade but I also found the self belief and motivation to go on to become a qualified hypnotherapist myself, so that I could help support and assist others through their challenges with holistic hypnotherapy.


I made it my duty to not only attend the best hypnotherapy school on offer in Australia and receive the most leading edge training available, but my commitment was also to become the most effective hypnotherapist people could find.


While my experience and expertise in holistic hypnotherapy is important, I find my life experience is what allows me to be able to work with people from all walks of life in such a way that they feel supported, heard and understood. I know how important it is to feel comfortable, safe and not judged, when dealing with personal issues. I feel this is just as important as the hypnotherapy work itself as it directly impacts the effectiveness of the therapy which in turn impacts the results.


Holistic Hypnotherapy has been the first of it's kind to recognise this importance, which is why the results that are achieved are so profound and life changing for people.

I am continuously amazed at how effective Holistic Hypnotherapy can be and it is my mission to continue to grow the awareness of this craft, training and developing other hypnotists and hypnotherapists so that they too can work with me to bring Holistic Hypnotherapy to more and more people looking for help.

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3/106 Owhiro Bay Parade, Owhiro Bay, Wellington 6023


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